Three Ways To Ensure Office Printer Health And Safety In The Workplace

printer maintenance and safety

Office printer health and safety isn’t the most glamorous of topics, but it’s an important area that business owners need to be aware of. We’ve compiled a handful of pro-tips to ensure that your office is set up correctly and that the health and safety of your employees isn’t a concern when it comes to installing an office printer.

Read The Manual

It might be very obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t bother to pick up their printer user manual. And yes, we know this document is probably not the most gripping of reads, but it needs to be read from cover to cover before installing the device in your office.

We recommend the person in charge of managing the office printer – the office manager, operations manager, or similar – read the manual. After all, they’re more likely to be the person dealing with any issues first and foremost.

The user manual will give you an understanding of potential hazards and will ensure that your office knows what to do in the case of an extreme malfunction.

Placement Is Key

Ensure that your office printer is positioned in a safe area of your building and away from potential hazards. This means not placing the office equipment in the kitchen or near the bathroom (think of the potential water and electrical combination – dangerous!)

Make sure that your printer gets some ventilation when it’s in use. Shutting your printer away in a cupboard and opening when the equipment needs to be used is perfectly fine and safe.

Be considerate of your employees. Don’t place the office printer in a communal space or in the middle of the break area. On the flip side, don’t place your printer in a difficult to access or hard to reach area. If your machine will be used for high volume printers, scans, or copies, consider designating a printing room in your office.

When you’re connecting your office printer for the first time, be mindful about where the wires lead from and trail to. A great tip is to invest in some cable ties or cable covers and ensure that your wires aren’t causing any trip hazards. It looks nice and keeps things tidy.

Schedule Regular Service

Ensuring that your machine has regular service is the main way to ensure correct office printer health and safety. If your printer is checked by a qualified technician regularly, you’ll be less prone to breakdowns and other incidents that could be of harm to you or your employees.

With Steelhead, our service forecasting software (JACK) can predict when your office equipment will need servicing, therefore keeping you and your business one step ahead of the game.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, it’s a great start to ensuring that your workplace is prioritizing office printer health and safety. Got any questions? Get in touch with us