• We’ve been using Steelhead’s Toshiba copiers in our Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto offices.  We recently added 5 new Steelhead Samsung 7600X high speed colour MFP copiers to our fleet.  Our staff has easily adapted to the android touch screens and loves the advanced functionality.  Steelhead consistently provides excellent products and service and I highly recommend them.

    Rob Hill, VP Finance & Business Development

    Haywood Securities Inc.

  • Harvest Project is a non-profit organization that “gives a hand up” to those experiencing difficult life circumstances on the North Shore.  As a charity, we must keep our expenses to a minimum so that donations we receive can directly support our programs.  We had been using an old copier that broke down regularly and couldn’t support photocopying for larger mail outs.  Steelhead found out about our need and didn’t even hint what they were about to do.  You can imagine our surprise when the Steelhead truck showed up with a gorgeous “new” copier for the Harvest Project, compliments of Steelhead.  We heard that a few of their technicians took 3 copiers that had been traded in and combined the best components of each to create a copier with printing and scanning that looks and runs like new.  We are so very grateful for the big-hearted and talented people that make up Steelhead.

    Derek Pace, Operations Manager

    Harvest Project

  • Gateway Casinos has 5 casinos throughout the Lower Mainland.  Each is open around the clock “24/7″ so we require that our office equipment be in top condition at all times.  Steelhead’s proactive maintenance program ensures that our copiers and fax machines are always ready.  We experience very few emergencies and when we have the odd issue, Steelhead attends to it immediately.  The technicians are very knowledgeable and the level of customer service is outstanding.  The owners are directly involved in the business and this seems to make a big difference in the attitude of the entire company.  You can tell that the staff really care, both about us as a customer as well as how they represent Steelhead.  Steelhead has proven itself over the years to be reliable and easy to work with and is now the only “copier company” we use to meet our copy requirements throughout our organization.

    Kamlesh Lal, Information Systems Administrator

    Gateway Casinos

  • Every 7 years we get a new fleet of Steelhead copiers.  Steelhead makes them last longer than usual with their maintenance program so we can upgrade when we’re ready for the newest available features instead of being forced due to malfunctioning equipment.  We’ve had the same sales representative since 1991.  She keeps in touch with us in a helpful, friendly and low-key way and calls when she says she’ll call.  As a family-owned business itself, Hemlock Printers is pleased to give its copier business to another family business.

    Chris White, VP Finance / Chief Financial Officer

    Hemlock Printers

  • Business in Vancouver Media Group has been a Steelhead customer for over 20 years.  In that time, Steelhead has provided outstanding service with responsive, friendly and knowledgeable staff.  Steelhead’s multi-function copiers have helped to make Business in Vancouver more productive and efficient.

    Katherine Butler, Administrator

    Business in Vancouver Media Group

  • It has been a real pleasure working with Steelhead on the acquisition of a new Toshiba 6550c multi-function copier.  The sales staff was friendly and helpful.  They answered our questions without hesitation and provided us with all the information that we required to make a decision.  We are also looking forward to working with a local company in regards to service and maintenance.

    Betty Nuttall, Office Manager

    Salmon’s Transfer

  • I leased my second Steelhead copier almost 4 years ago.  Being a law office we really rely on our copier, even more so since it is the only copier and scanner and the primary printer for the entire office.  A very respectful, competent and discreet Steelhead technician visits our office on a regular basis and keeps the copier running smoothly.  The people at Steelhead are unfailingly pleasant and good to deal with.  They look after us.  I am very satisfied.  I will not hesitate to renew my arrangement with Steelhead when the time comes.

    Robert Yeager, Lawyer

    Yeager Employment Law

  • We have used Steelhead Business Products as our copier supplier for many years and what impresses us most is the excellent service we receive on a consistent basis.  We are able to rely on them for the service and maintenance that they perform without us having to worry about it.  They take care of our needs on a scheduled visit to check for repairs, supplies and general cleaning.  It’s so nice to know that this is automatically handled by them since it’s one less thing for us to worry about.  Because of this, our machines are always in top-notch shape and emergency repairs are extremely rare.  The staff is friendly, always up to date with their product knowledge and they always go out of their way to help you.  Steelhead is by far a company that cannot be rivaled for service.

    Candace Bucholtz, Design Consultants

    Hopping Kovach Grinnell