Copier Downtime – Pitfalls, Avoidance and More

avoid copier downtime and frustration

Imagine this scenario: you’re working on a project and need the document to land on your boss’s desk by the end of the day. The clock is ticking. Rushing to complete the task, you hit print only to find that your copier is out of service. Frustrating, right?

Copier downtime hits every business hard. Without being able to use your printer, copier, or fax machine, work can’t be completed, clients become unhappy and copier downtime can ultimately affect your business’s bottom line.

Business owners need to wise up on how to avoid copier downtime and ensure that their business runs smoothly.

Regular service

Without regular maintenance, a copier can experience a decrease in document quality, perform at a reduced service, and ultimately become vulnerable to breaking-down entirely. This can render your business incapable of completing important workload and tasks. By adhering to regular service, copier downtime can be greatly reduced.

At Steelhead we regularly schedule routine service visits for all our clients. Not only does this mean that our copiers are regularly serviced, it also gives peace of mind to business owners that downtime is actively being avoided.

Treat it well

A copier is a machine and needs to be treated kindly. Experiences such as paper jams, ink smudges, and other technical faults can be irritating, and occasionally employees take their frustrations out on the machine. Punching in lots of numbers or pressing print a thousand times can only make matters worse.

Treating your machine well is paramount to improving its life cycle and avoiding copier downtime.

Automate supplies

Running out of supplies is a common reason for copier downtime and is an occurrence that can easily be avoided. At Steelhead we use our own in-house proactive forecasting software called JACK.

Based on a long-term understanding of our client’s needs, JACK can predict when you’re running low on toner and ship supplies accordingly. Not only that, but JACK can also predict when consumables need replacing, meaning we send a technician to attend before a copier emergency and downtime occurs.

Educate employees

Employee mishaps can often be a reason why copiers experience downtime. People are unsure of how to use the copier and mess with different functions that can result in errors and subsequent downtime. Educate all employees on how to use your copier correctly and what to do if they run into any issues.

Assign a copier manager

Business owners should consider having one or two dedicated employees – usually an office manager or admin assistant – who are in charge of managing the copier. Ask them to check the copier at the beginning and end of each day.

These simple steps can ensure that copier downtime can get greatly reduced leaving your office to function without any setbacks or loss of productivity.