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Choose Steelhead for your new copier and you’ll be the hero at your office.  Here’s why:

personal service

  • With Steelhead, you will deal with the same sales or service representative.  Steelhead started in 1973, and the average tenure of our staff is over 25 years!  You will know your Steelhead team members by name and, needless to say, they’ll know you.  You can depend on us to be on your team for as many years as you need us.
  • Our expert sales team will work with you to choose the perfect high quality, reliable equipment perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Your experience will be enjoyable.  Each member of the Steelhead team is unfailingly friendly, accommodating, helpful and efficient.
  • You’ll feel valued because, at Steelhead, you are.  We’re not a multi-national, publicly traded, monolithic conglomerate.  In fact, we’re just the opposite.  Each of our customers is important to us – you’ll feel the difference working with a local family business.

experienced technicians

Our top-notch technical support has put us in the lead.  With Steelhead, you won’t have the frustration of a long wait for copier or printer service in Vancouver, or the hassle of a “junior tech” unable to fix the problem.  Each of our technicians is personally factory-trained.  Two of them are in the top 10 in Canada for technical expertise within the Toshiba organization.

you have choices

With Steelhead you will have excellent equipment choices because we can choose whom we represent, as we are not limited to one manufacturer.  We choose only the best equipment from each line, so you only have the most reliable products to choose from.

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