unmatched quality service

In a perfect world your office equipment would never have an issue, but sometimes things do go wrong. That’s why every machine that we deliver comes with regularly scheduled maintenance. Our goal is to keep your office equipment in perfect working condition at all times so that you don’t ever require an emergency response from us. We measure our success based on this goal. Clear and simple. We select and develop all of our systems, services, people and equipment with this single goal in sharp focus.

We know what you want!

You simply want your equipment to work! So we take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. We take responsibility for the condition of the equipment we’ve sold or leased to you, rather than leaving you alone with it until it breaks down. We take great care to keep your machine running smoothly, so your business can too. Our goal is to provide you with fast service and minimal or no downtime for you.

Local response.

Our office equipment service and delivery staff are dispatched from our Burnaby office, not through a 1-800 number somewhere else. Whomever you talk to at Steelhead will be familiar with the geography of Vancouver, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland and will be able to discern immediately who is the closest to you. Whether you call us for an office printer, fax machine, or copier service; new office equipment; questions regarding your lease or anything else, you will talk to someone familiar and who knows what they are doing. You will not be put on hold or go through an automated “service” system. All of our staff — service, administration, and sales — have been with us an average of 15 years.

JACK helps you.

We do realize that even we cannot promise that you will never have an emergency, but we come very close with our unique proactive forecasting software, JACK, that we developed in-house based on our long-term knowledge of our clients’ specific needs. Thanks to JACK, we can predict when you’re getting low on toner and proactively ship you more so you don’t run out. We can also predict when consumables such as drum, developer, or fuser rollers need replacing. We also take the initiative to send one of our technicians to attend to your copier BEFORE an emergency occurs.

Top-level technicians at your service.

Our five full-time technicians receive regular training on the latest equipment. With our primary line, Toshiba, the training takes place at the factory training facility in Calgary. Our technicians achieve top scores consistently on their final exams. In fact, three of our technicians – Adrian, Tom and Barry, have ranked in the top ten of all Toshiba technicians across Canada. Barry was also selected to represent Canada in the Top Technician in the World annual competition in Japan in 2006.

We have the parts for discontinued models.

Because we know you don’t always need to replace your office printer or copier, but you do need to keep it in perfect working condition. That’s why we offer service and supply toner for nearly all discontinued Toshiba models and certain Samsung models. So just because your model is no longer in production, doesn’t mean it needs to head to the scrap heap.

Contact us if your office equipment needs service.