about steelhead business products

Steelhead Business Products is a family-owned and operated supplier Toshiba office equipment from Vancouver to Surrey to Abbotsford, and the rest of the Lower Mainland. Established in 1973, Steelhead sells and leases new multi-function products that include copy, print, scan and fax functions. We also carry gently-used models that we’ve serviced since new.

The best equipment for your business

You want your office equipment to work. You have enough on your plate, you don’t have time to fiddle and tweak to get your printer working. That’s our mindset when selecting our brands and products. We go with the industry’s best, so your business can run smoothly. We stand behind each and every piece of equipment that we send out into the world.

Delivering top level service in Vancouver

We don’t just supply the equipment… our goal is to keep it in perfect working condition at all times so that you don’t ever require an emergency response from us. We will provide exceptional service long after we’ve delivered your new printer. Whether you need new toner or need a refresher on some of the features, our team will help you in any way we can.

We’ll take care of you. We proactively maintain your equipment in peak performance. When you call our local office our friendly and knowledgeable staff are equipped to help you over the phone or dispatch a factory-trained technician to your site.

Since day 1 we still strive to be “fast, friendly, and efficient”. Steelhead will look after your needs so you can focus on your business.

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