Great Customer Service Starts With Treating Your Customers Like Family

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We know the secret that separates successful businesses from the bad ones: good customer service. Even a company with a great business model and world-class offerings will quickly fail if their customer service is subpar or non-existent.

Here are four things we’ve learned at Steelhead in our 45 years in business about what makes good customer service:

Treat your customers like family:

It’s human nature to want to feel part of a community — to feel like you truly belong. When someone makes you feel like family, you can develop a more genuine rapport with that person, and they get to know you better. We’ve discovered when we focus on getting to know our customers, we can better suggest products and programs that best cater to their unique business needs.

Be competent and confident:

When it comes to making a buying decision, customers don’t want to deal with a wishy-washy customer rep. We ensure that our front-of-line staff (sales, help desk, support staff) understand your products and company inside out so we can put on a united front and minimize giving customers conflicting information.

Provide your customers with a choice:

People love to make their own decisions. This is why great sales and support staff provide the customer with options. There is rarely only one option in any situation. A good customer service rep will explain all the options, their benefits, and any potential drawbacks to a product or service so the customer can choose.

Go above and beyond:

Have you ever been on a cruise ship? The housekeeping staff often leave a small animal-shaped towel or note in your room. These little things are not expected, but these little extras make the customer feel great! Good businesses find ways like this to provide extra value to their customers.

Be proactive:

Great customer service means anticipating your customer’s needs. We proactively maintain our printers in peak shape and deliver supplies when needed so you never have to worry about monitoring and ordering.

The bottom line is to treat others as you would want to be treated…or better. Be kind, forthcoming, and helpful and good customer service will shine through and you can watch your business grow, no matter what you are selling.