samsung office printers

Samsung is the “new kid on the block” in business equipment industry and Steelhead’s newest brand partner.  We love the features, speed and price point of their multi-function devices which makes Samsung a great complement to our Toshiba and Muratec lines.  We’re excited to move forward with Samsung.

History of Innovation and Adaptation

Samsung means “three stars” in Korean.  Samsung, the company, started in 1938 in Seoul as a small trading company with 40 employees.  Through the 1930’s to 1960’s Samsung was involved in varied industries from a sugar refinery to insurance to department stores.  In the early 1970’s Samsung entered the mass communication industry by launching a radio and television station.

Global Leader in Electronics

Samsung Electronics produced its first product in the 1980’s, a black-and-white television set, and very quickly expanded to become a global leader in the telecommunications and electronics industry.  Samsung sold ten of its subsidiaries in 1993 to concentrate on three industries:  electronics, engineering, and chemical.

Buyers Laboratories Inc. has been stacking up awards for Samsung as the “Pick of the Year” printer-based Multi-Function Devices.   The company is rising on the Global Fortune 500 list and is ranked 13th in 2016.