A Steelhead History With Toshiba Printers

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Buying or leasing a printer is a tough decision for any company. There are many factors to be considered before investing your money in such a large piece of equipment. 

That being said, there are few brands we trust to always deliver the best quality products and that we’ve recommended to our customers since they’ve been on the market in 1982. 

They are a super-power, known all around the world for playing a role in the creation of many technologies we use on a daily basis. 

Everything from appliances to memory chips, lightbulbs to video recorders, and our personal favourite – printers. 

Toshiba has had a huge role in the manufacturing, engineering and distribution of some of the highest grade printers on the market today, which is why we’re proud to carry their top of the line scanners, copiers, printers and faxes at Steelhead Business Products. 

Toshiba’s long history of innovation:

Toshiba has consistently worked throughout history to revolutionize the technology industry, staying ahead of the curve with groundbreaking and new products. They have a reputation for giving consumers the most efficient and streamlined newest pieces of technology. 

In 1875 Tanaka Engineering Works supplied telegraph equipment from Japan. They quickly gained a reputation as a technology innovator creating many of Japan’s firsts, including the radar (1912), the transistor television, and the ever-popular, microwave oven (1959). 

They started their innovation timeline with Japan’s first induction motor in 1895. This was followed by the world’s first “double-coil” light bulb (1921), Japan’s first electric washing machine and fridge (1930), the DVD and DVD-ROM Drives (1996), the world’s first commercialised HDD & DVD video recorder (2001), the world’s first networked appliances (2002), and the world’s first 3D LCD TV that didn’t require 3D glasses.   

Why we continue to use Toshiba

When it comes to their lines of office printers, Toshiba printers have been our number one line since 1982 because they have the broadest range of products and a proven history of reliability for your office. 

Whether you work from home or at the office, their multi-function printers are super fast and efficient to use. They come equipment with easy-to-use, customizable touch screens. 

These machines make it easy to streamline tasks so you can print and manage documents quickly and securely. 

Some of our favourite Toshiba models are: 

Toshiba e-Studio 2518a
This printer is ideal for small to medium sized businesses that don’t require colour printing but still want plenty of customizable features and built-in options. This printer is able to create booklets and pamphlets, offer tandem printing and print up to 25 pages per minute.

Toshiba e-Studio 4515ac
This colour, multi-functional device is perfect for people who are interested in high-speed printing. This power printer will increase the efficiency of workgroups and the workflow in your organization.  This high-speed printer prints up to 45 pages per minute and includes a 10” colour touch screen and a handful of customizable options. 

Toshiba e-Studio 7516ac
This is our highest output model yet! Printing at 75 pages per minute with an option to print in tandem and double your speed! This printer is feature rich and offers a user-friendly touchscreen panel. 
To learn more about Toshiba printers, contact our expert team and we can match you with the right one for your needs and budget!

To learn more about Toshiba printers, contact our expert team and we can match you with the right one for your needs and budget!