The Benefits of Cloud Printing

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Have you ever been in the staff lounge, pumping yourself up for your big presentation, only to realize you forgot to print off a crucial addition to your report? You quickly run to your office and jump on your computer, to find your laptop has decided to undergo updates. You frantically watch the update status, your heart rate rising with each tiny creep of the progress bar. Eventually your computer turns back on, you access your report, and send the much-needed file to the printer, then collapse in your chair. Unfortunately, you’re not in the best headspace to give your presentation anymore. 

Remove the printing stress

However, if your office had implemented cloud printing, this all could have been avoided. Sipping on your coffee, you realize your crucial oversite, pull the file up on your phone, and send it to your Toshiba printer. As you are comforted by the gentle whirring of the printer down the hall, you finish your coffee, ready to give the presentation of a lifetime.

Cloud printing is an efficient, easy way to cut out the middleman of a possibly stressful process.

Simple and Compatible

Available for download with your e-STUDIO multifunction printer are a variety of e-BRIDGE Plus apps. These smart apps can do everything from connecting your MFP to your preferred cloud storage system, to tracking department usage, to organizing scanned documents into pre-established folders. They are compatible with programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Office 365, enabling you to print onsite or offsite with the click of a button. Once installed on your mobile device, the e-BRIDGE Print and Capture app enables you to scan documents and convert them into one of 22 editable file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.

Gone are the days of installing printer drivers on your computer, straining to figure out if your office has the 7518a or the 7516ac model. By investing in a multifunction device with cloud and mobile printing capabilities, you’ll ensure printing is a breeze for your staff.

If you’re interested in what a multifunction device, printer, or fax machine can do for your office, please reach out to us at Steelhead today and we will be happy to assist you.