6 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Printer

A printer is one of the most frequently used and important pieces of office equipment. With regular maintenance and care, an office printer will last for years. However, there may come a time when you’ll need to reassess your printing needs and ask yourself whether it’s time for an upgrade.

Are you stuck in a jam?

How many times have the words “there’s a paper jam” been uttered in your office and met with groans of disappointment? When a printer malfunctions ripples of frustration can spread across the workplace and lower staff morale.

Time is money and no self-respecting business would want employees wasting working hours and energy continually fixing dreaded paper jams or other malfunctions. If you’re finding that yourself or your employees are spending too much time fixing a broken printer, it might be time to bite the bullet and invest in a new piece of machinery.

Is your current printer cost effective?

Think about how much it costs you per print, how long each print takes and the quality of the printed document. Are you able to save money or time if you were to upgrade to a newer, faster model? If you don’t feel that you’re getting value for money with your current machine it may be time to upgrade.

Decline in print quality

Office environments are busy places and often taking care of the basics can be overlooked. This means that the humble printer can go without regular maintenance. Without love and care, a decline in print quality might occur.

A printer should also be a quick way of obtaining a physical copy of a document. If you’re finding that writing out or drawing your documents makes them easier to read, this is a sure sign that an upgrade is due.

Help create a streamlined office environment

Working across multiple platforms and devices can be confusing. Hence why many offices only have one brand of computer – usually a PC or Mac – for employees to use. Printers should be the same.

Streamline your office and make sure there’s no confusion about how to use the office printer by only using one brand – Samsung or Toshiba – across your business.

Has your company expanded?

There are over 230,000 businesses operating in Vancouver, Mainland and the South West area of B.C. Offices are growing, meaning more members of staff and a higher need for access to quality printers.

Technology has also advanced at a huge rate. Is your current printer able to connect to WiFi or print directly from USB? Does it have the capability to send faxes or make multiple copies? If not, it might be time to upgrade your printer to a current model.

Stay current

Many printers are now multifunctional – meaning they can do more than simply print documents. Some are copiers and fax machines rolled into one. As the modern office develops and evolves, so does the technology it uses. Printers now are able to link up to WiFi, print directly from tablets and other modern devices. Could an update to a multifunctional printer help with your office communications?

Think about whether your office environment and employees would benefit from investing in a new printer. Upgrading doesn’t have to cost the earth – you could even consider a refurbished model if you’re looking to save a few bucks. Overall, an upgrade might save you time, money and improve both internal and external communications across your business.

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  1. Avatar for Jesse
    April Cook
    September 12, 2016 at 4:46 pm

    I like your tip to make things easier for employees by using only one brand of printer. I think this would help cut down on a lot of confusion in the office. It would also help the place look cleaner and more consistent of all your machines look the same. thanks for all these great tips!