Office Photocopier – Your Ultimate Buying Guide

photocopier ultimate buying guide

It’s a given that most modern offices will need to have a photocopier. If you’re working in a small business, you may choose to invest in a stand-alone photocopier to go with their established printer setup. If you’re working as part of a larger operation, you may think about purchasing a multifunctional copier.

Whatever the size of your business, there a few key points you need to look at in order to choose the office photocopier that’s right for you.

Photocopier Needs (And Wants)

The first thing that you’ll need to consider when looking to buy an office photocopier is what exactly do you need it for? For example, will you be looking to purchase a machine that only produces photocopies? Do you need a copier that also functions as a printer, scanner, or fax machine? What happens when something goes wrong? Will your machine have access to fast, local service?

We recommend splitting your list of needs into ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’. This way you’ll quickly be able to figure out what your office truly needs when it comes to photocopying.

Copy Volume

Think carefully about how much you’ll be using your office photocopier. Will you be making a few scans every month or will you need to photocopy documents on a regular basis? Copy volume is often dependant on what sector your business is in. For example, a law firm will make many copies of documents, whereas a digital agency may only need to use the photocopier once in a while.

Copy Speed

Planning on using your photocopier a lot? Check out the copy speed on your model. If you’re expecting high copy volume, you’ll want to look for a photocopier with a fast copy speed. If you’re not going to be photocopying often, you can consider a copier that has a lower copy speed.

Copy speed is expressed as ‘pages per minute’ and all the big brands will have their copy speed information available in order to help you make the best decision about buying a photocopier for your office.


Duplexing is a fancy way of saying ‘prints on two sides’. Duplexing is a great way to save on paper costs. Think about whether your office can benefit from a photocopier that has a duplexing function.


Check that your office photocopier will jive with your current office setup. For example, where will the photocopier be placed? Is there a plug nearby? Will the copier be accessible by all? These may seem like little details, but paying attention to the basics can help your purchase journey that much easier.

If you decide to buy a multifunction photocopier, consider whether you’ll need a machine that can easily integrate with your existing office network. For example, a multifunction copier will be able to hook up to your office Internet and offer easy document printing, storage, and even acting as a stand-alone server.

Purchasing vs Leasing

Crunch some numbers and assess whether to purchase a copier outright or sign up to a lease. Leasing a photocopier can be a great way to access the device without having to pay a lump sum outright and is often a perfect solution for small businesses who aren’t looking to have a long-term purchase.

Did you know that leasing office equipment also has a positive impact on the environment? This is because leased office equipment often has a longer lifecycle, therefore cuts down on the amount of manufacturing that needs to take place to make new business equipment.

Additionally, leasing a photocopier will allow your office to stay up to date with the latest hardware. For example, you’ve been leasing a copier for two years and have come to the end of your agreement with your business product supplier. You’re then able to set up a new lease and have access to the latest technology. Sounds pretty good, right?

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