6 Standard Pieces of Office Equipment for New Businesses

6 pieces of standard office equipment- vancouver office supplies

Congratulations! You’ve taken the amazing step to launch your new business. And we get it, there’s plenty to think about. But, it’s worth taking a moment to consider what necessary office equipment you’ll need to get your new business up and running.

Office Equipment for New Businesses

1. Printer

Every business needs an office printer, whether you’re printing the occasional document or using your printer as a full-blown multifunction device. The first area you’ll need to consider is whether your new business will benefit from an inkjet, laser, or digital printer.

As a general rule of thumb, a digital printer will mean you can print wirelessly from anywhere, an inkjet printer is smaller, lighter, and suited to smaller offices, and a laser printer is great for high-volume and precise printing.

Once you’ve sussed out the type of printer you’re looking to purchase, a second point to note is whether your new business should invest in renting or leasing a multifunction office printer. A huge benefit of a multifunction office printer is that they come with additional features, for example, the ability to send a fax, produce copies, or scan documents.

2. Copier

An office copier is another stalwart of the necessary office equipment scene. Usually found as either a standalone device or as part of a multifunction printer, a copier will enable your business to make copies of important documents.

Pretty straightforward, right?

When you’re looking to rent or lease an office copier, it’s always handy to have an idea of how often you’ll be using your office photocopier. This is so you can talk to your supplier about copy volume and copy speed and find the right copier to suit your new business needs.

There are plenty of our newest Toshiba eStudio Line copiers that come with a range of diverse features to fit the needs of businesses both small and large.

3. Scanner

Make documents more accessible by ensuring that your new office setup has a scanner. Installing this piece of business equipment will allow you and your employees to scan in documents, share them to compatible workstations, and safely and securely send important documents.

Leasing or renting a scanner will also help your business to protect the environment. A scanner actively reduces the amount of paper used, therefore enabling you to do your bit and save the planet.

4. Paper Shredder

Purchasing a sturdy and reliable paper shredder is a must-do for all new businesses. Destroy documents that have sensitive information on them and ensure that nobody has access to information that could be used against you. For example, shred old bank statements or letters that have personal or sensitive details on it.

5. Standing Desks

Modern offices are waking up to the benefits of standing desks. Ergonomically aligning your body whilst you stand and work is fast becoming more than an office trend. Installing standing desks encourages your employees to move and stretch, not to mention brings additional health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.

6. Fax Machine

Okay, call us outdated but we firmly believe that the fax machine still holds a place in many new businesses’ office equipment setup. A fax is a super secure way to send and receive information and is a common occurrence in businesses such a law firms, hospitals, and criminal justice services.

We’re not saying that your business is shady, but fax machines are protected from wiretapping laws and it’s not uncommon to find businesses worldwide that only use a fax machine to communicate. Another area to consider is how will your new business continue to operate if the Internet went down? Fax machines will still be running. Long live the fax machine!

A Note About Refurbished vs Leasing

When kitting out your new business with office equipment, calculate whether you can afford the upfront costs of the equipment or whether leasing may be a more viable option for you in the long term. A huge benefit of leasing office equipment is that when your lease ends, you can easily upgrade your office equipment.

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