Business Photocopiers – Choosing The Right Model

using a photocopier

Business photocopiers are a tricky piece of office equipment to get right – regardless of whether you’re a small office or a large corporation. Choosing the right model is no easy task and as an office manager, there are lots to consider: What are the key areas you should focus on? What will give you the most bang for your buck? Are there any pitfalls you should look out for? We’ve created this handy guide to choosing the right photocopier for your business and make your route to purchase that much easier.

Photocopier Output

Think carefully about how much output you’ll need from your business photocopier. Are you a small team that will be using the machine every once in a while? Or are you part of a larger office that will use the copier regularly throughout the day?

Look at what your circumstances are and think whether you’ll need a photocopier that will be able to handle large or small volumes of printing. A great way to test this is to run a document audit – total up the number of copies made in your office over a given timeframe (for example one week), add together how many copies you’re using across the building and calculate the cost of regular upkeep and maintenance.

Take this the information from your document audit to your business photocopier supplier and have them help you assess whether the model you have in mind is suitable for your copying needs.


A multifunction copier will have additional features such as also being a printer, scanner, and fax machine. Consider whether your business needs these extra functions before committing to a purchase. Often business owners find that if they invest in a multifunctional business copier, they save on equipment purchases in the long term. Additionally, buying a multifunctional copier can save space in a cluttered or small office.

Wireless printing

Business photocopiers nowadays tend to come with the modern features such as wireless printing. This means that you’ll be able to send print jobs to your copier remotely. The main benefit of wireless printing is that it increases employee productivity and makes the workload more efficient. Wireless printing is usually a “must have” for larger scale offices and businesses.


Many business copiers have advanced security settings that allow the owner to administer different levels of access. For example, you may let employees in your office have full access to your copiers features and functions. However, you may decide that your business restricts visitors to using the copier feature only. How you choose to set up the security levels on your new copier is entirely up to you – but it’s certainly something to consider when looking to make a purchase.

Total cost of ownership

Any office worth their salt will be always on the hunt for ways to actively cut down on costings. By investing in a multifunctional business photocopier, a small business can save on your total cost of ownership. Why spend on a separate printer, scanner, fax machine, and copier when Steelhead products present an all-in-one solution?