6 Easy Ways to Make Your Office More Eco-Friendly

easy ways to make your office more eco-friendly - vancouver office supplies

We all make an effort to be environmentally conscious at home, but what about at the office? By making some smart changes, it’s possible to help out the environment and save a dime or two as well. Here are some simple tips to make your office more eco-friendly.

1. Replace outdated features

By modernizing your building’s utilities, you can save serious cash and help the planet too. Replace regular light bulbs with LED motion-activated ones, scrap the paper towels in the bathroom for cloth ones, and add aerators to your faucets to reduce the amount of water used. 

2. Bring in plants

Plants help clean the air, ensuring a healthier environment for staff and less work for the air filtration system. They reduce the spread of illnesses, absorb sounds for noise reduction, and even make employees happier and more productive. Multiple studies have shown that both morale and creativity rise when plants are introduced to an office. Particularly effective plants for air-filtration include English Ivy, Spider Plants, Snake Plants, Chinese Evergreens, Areca Palms and Peace Lilies. 

3. Reduce the number of machines

Invest in a multi-functional printer that can scan, copy, and fax to reduce amount of energy needed to power separate machines. You can even go further to help the environment and buy a refurbished printer. Buy from a reputable company to ensure an honest history of the device and the best one suited for your needs.

4. Offer reusable utensils

Encourage staff to say “no thank you” to the offered plastic clutter when they nip out to grab lunch. Ensure there are enough reusable mugs, glasses, plates, and cutlery available for everyone. You could even gift staff with reusable water bottles to keep at their desks, to discourage plastic waste. Be sure to keep the office fridge clean so employees can store their lunch hassle-free. 

5. Encourage green commuting

Carpooling and biking are great eco-friendly ways of getting to work. Encourage these options by installing bike racks or designating a particular spot for safe bike storage. Send an email out inquiring who would be interested in carpooling, then connect those who live in the same neighborhoods. Even encourage a little competition with commuting challenges, where the team with the greenest commutes wins a prize.

6. Revise your paper policies

Is double-sided printing the default setting for your office computers? Do you use recycled paper in your printers? Are there clearly labelled and maintained recycling receptacles available for staff? Help the environment by improving your printing processes and encouraging recycling. 

Making your office eco-friendly is a journey, not a race. Implementing small changes over time will produce big results. Let us know if we can help you outfit your office with a printer to help you on that journey. With over 40 years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you make the best choice for both the environment and your bottom line.