Why buying a refurbished printer is good for the environment

green chair - ecofriendly office

We’ve talked before about the numerous benefits of buying refurbished printers, copiers, and fax machines for your office, but we haven’t talked enough about how it’s also an environmentally friendly choice too!

What is a refurbished printer?

A refurbished printer is a model that has been returned to the supplier and been fixed and upgraded to make it virtually like-new again. At Steelhead, we often refurbish printers after a lease is over so they can be leased or purchased by another business.

Why buying refurbished printers is a green option

When you buy or lease a refurbished model, you’re purchasing it at a significant saving. As a bonus, you’re also saving it from the recycle yard and allow it to finish its useful life.

As more people buy refurbished units, the manufacturers don’t need to make as many brand new units. The environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping new printers can contribute to increased greenhouse gases and pollution.

Are buying refurbished printers reliable?

Absolutely! They are tested and certified by the manufacturer and still have significant life left. If money is tight, or you are looking for a more eco-friendly printer option, refurbished printers are an excellent idea.

If your office is looking to lower its impact on the environment, purchasing a refurbished printer is a great option. Contact us to inquire about our current stock today.