toshiba office printers

Steelhead Business Products has partnered with Toshiba since 1982.  As Toshiba’s most experienced copier dealer in Vancouver we continue to make them our #1 line since they have the broadest range of products and have proven to be extremely reliable.

Toshiba’s Storied History

Toshiba started in 1875 when Tanaka Engineering Works supplied telegraphy equipment used in long distance communications. They quickly gained a reputation for innovation in developing technologies. Then in 1939, they merged with Tokyo Electric Company to form Toshiba Corporation.  Toshiba continues to make their mark on the Fortune’s Global 500 list, and in 2016 ranked #169.

Diverse Technology Background

Toshiba has become a leader and pioneer of some of the world’s most significant technologies. It is the brainpower behind more than 500 major technologies including: telegraph equipment, MRI technology, air traffic control systems, semiconductors, flat panel displays, disk drives, business telephone systems, one of the world’s most popular laptop computers and digital imaging and document management solutions.

Innovation In All Toshiba Products

Every invention and product improvement at Toshiba starts from a place of extensive experience and knowledge. This enables Toshiba to be innovative and continue to reshape the boundaries of technology.

Toshiba Interactive Training

We are delighted to offer interactive training for many of our Toshiba devices. Click HERE to select your model, and get to know it better.

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