How to choose the best printer for your small business?

choosing the best printer

When looking for the best printer for your small business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the new technology and advancements. Here are a few questions to ask when office printer shopping:

Do I want super cheap? Many new businesses don’t have large capital budgets and often go cheap on their office equipment. While it provides a lower cost to start, the longer term maintenance requirements can be quite expensive. Toner, maintenance, and replacement parts for these cheaper models can be quite expensive. Cheaper models are cheap for a reason! They often don’t last as long as the more competitively priced models. If you are willing to invest in a good-quality machine, don’t cheap out when looking for the best printer for your small business.

What am I printing? There are huge differences in printers when you factor in what you’ll be printing: text-intensive documents or higher-quality graphics and illustrations. Laser printers often make the best printers for small businesses because they are a good all-around, all-purpose printer if all you need to print is text or monochrome documents. A colour laser printer is a good option too, but come with a higher cost per printed page.

Is this for a small or home-office? Smaller and home-based offices benefit from a multifunction unit due to their size and price point. They act as your printer, copier, and scanner, all in one compact unit.

What’s my budget for maintenance and supplies? Consider these factors when searching for the best printer for your small business. Cheaper units often cost more in maintenance and supplies so that’s worth factoring in. To save money, look for cartridges you can refill instead of completely replacing.

Is double-sided printing important? Printing on both sides of the paper is a great for the environment. Some copiers also offer duplex scanning, allowing you to scan both sides of the paper automatically, without manually flipping and re-feeding the paper. This is obviously a huge plus if you plan to scan multi-page, double-sided documents often.

What size paper am I printing most? Virtually all printers will print the “standard” letter and legal sized paper. If you require something larger or unique materials like labels, or envelopes, you may need special feeder or printer, or choose an inkjet. Also look at how many pages your feeding tray can hold. If you print a lot or print longer documents, consider how often you want to manually add paper to the tray.

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing the best printer small business printer for your home or office. Our best recommendation to help you choose the best office printer, is to talk to our team at Steelhead Business Products. We have over 46 years experience helping local businesses choose and maintain their office printers and we can help you too!