the steelhead family

At Steelhead, we work for our clients. We care about them, we know them well, and we treat them like people — not like “accounts”.  We love doing what we do, and we love doing it as the Steelhead family.  We care about each other and we think we are all quite likeable — even if we say so ourselves!

Carol is happily married with five grandchildren, four cats, three grown kids, two dogs and a corn snake (no pear tree).  She has a brood of chickens (and the best free range eggs!).  Carol’s favourite vacation spot is Campbell River.  Other interests include camping, spoon collecting, BC Lions and local sightseeing.

David now runs the Steelhead warehouse full time after years of it being a part-time gig while studying business at university.  He is a classical pianist and extreme skier who loves watching Top Gear.  David enjoys learning languages and is working on Japanese, French and Spanish.  He is a third-generation family member.

Gyan is a great Fijian cook and BBQ expert.  He loves to travel abroad with some of his favourite spots being Australia and Fiji, and he’d like to travel through Europe.  His hobbies include fishing, camping and sports (another Lions and Canucks fan) and he loves spending time with his wife and two daughters.  Gyan’s favourite TV shows are Survivor and Amazing Race.

Jennifer is an interior designer at heart, always keeping up with design trends.  She and her husband love to visit France to explore the wine regions, although Hawaii constantly calls to them — without their two daughters.  Jennifer now has six grandchildren, so vacation time will need to be divided between France and the Northwest Territories.

Jenny is the newest member of the Steelhead sales team and brings a fresh marketing perspective with social media.  Jenny is our resident fashionista who loves exploring Vancouver’s vast selection of restaurants, especially international cuisine.  At home she is a very busy mom with three young children, so Netflix and an early night is a real treat.

Joe was been part of the Steelhead family for 35 years!  Though he is now retired we’re happy to have him back occasionally when David is on vacation.  Joe now spends his days at the racetrack betting on the ponies, or watching sports from the comfort of his home.  Joe has two sons, one wife, plus one adorable black lab.

Larry was another Steelhead “lifer” having been with us for 40 years, but recently retired.  We’re keeping him on our staff list in case he is called upon to fill in for vacationing techs.  He now spends his days doing woodworking and rebuilding a 1968 Volvo P1800 with one of his four children.  Perhaps Larry can now finally travel to Ireland.

Luciano and his wife moved from Brazil with their three children.  In his free time Luciano loves to spend time with his musical family – between the five of them they play accordion, piano, organ, flute, violin and trumpet!  He enjoys football (aka soccer), good movies & games, BBQ and his “hope”.  They love to travel within Canada and other countries.

Maryam is new to Canada and to Steelhead.  She studies business and project management when she’s not at Steelhead.  She and her husband are newlyweds.  They love being in Vancouver and learning more about Canadian culture.  Hiking is an activity they enjoy going together, exploring the natural beauty in BC.

Neil is married to Virginia (below) and works at Steelhead part time.  He is a quantity surveyor, business consultant, song writer and professional musician.  Neil loves to ride his motorcycle and makes sure that travel includes at least one road trip each year with the gang.

Ramona spends her vacations volunteering as the Director at a camp for underprivileged kids in Florida.  She also takes a few road trips each year in her four-wheel-drive truck to a peaceful part of the world to read, refuel and recoup.  She likes to write, play the stock market, study nutrition and watch reality TV shows.

Sam recently moved from Brazil with his wife and 2 children.  Coming from a very large city, he wanted to improve the quality of life for his children by moving to a peaceful place.  He loves being at home with his family and friends, especially when there is a BBQ going on.  They enjoy traveling to see new places and cultures.  Sam learned the clarinet when he was 9, and now he plays at his church.

Tom hales from Scotland but his favourite food is Indian.  He has two grown children and is a Canuck’s fan (when they’re winning).  Tom also dabbles in music and his latest interest is playing the djembe.

Vanessa joined the Steelhead team as a sales and warehouse assistant (and just about anything else that needs to be done).  She is a third-generation family member.  Vanessa loves art and music – she plays the guitar and piano and puts that talent good use while also singing.  She dreams of packing up her knitting needles and traveling to tropical places.

Vera does the bookkeeping at Steelhead.  She loves art, design, photography and water colour painting.  She knows all the best places to dine in Vancouver.  Vera has traveled the world but her favourite trip is still visiting with her family in New Mexico.

Virginia loves to cook gourmet, garden and watch comedies.  And she always seems to be planning her next trip – motorcycling or flying.  Along with her husband and five grown children, Virginia “von Trapp” is active in music at their church as well as retreat and group planning.  Her household includes two Aussie shepherds and two cats.  She manages Pinetree Chalet, their vacation home in Whistler (