6 Sustainable Office Tips for Making Your Business Greener

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Have you ever considered the environmental impact your business has? Do you want to implement a few sustainable office tips but don’t know which ones will have the most impact?

Here are six green office tips you can start implementing right now to make your business sustainable:

1. Watch Electricity Use

Electricity is one of the easiest, green office tips you can implement in your workplace. Power off computers and electronics when your staff are not working, and use energy-efficient settings on office equipment. Consider putting meeting room lights on timers so that they turn off if there is no one in the room after 10-15 mins.

2. The 3 Rs

We all know these but are we actually implementing the “reduce, reuse, recycle” processes in the office? If you already throw paper in the recycle bins, that’s a great start, but also look at other ways you can recycle.

Can you use both sides of the paper when printing (we know some great double-sided copiers that make double-sided printing a breeze)? Do you “think before you print?” Also, look for other office supplies that can be recycled or donated when you’re finished so they stay out of the trash.

3. Use Eco-Friendly Products

There are more eco-friendly products on the market today for your office, they’re becoming even more affordable to replace single-use products that end up in the trash.

Stock up ceramic or reusable mugs, plates, and cutlery and buy coffee supplies (milk, cream, sugar) and condiments in bulk or larger containers to save on individual use plastic waste.

If you must use one-time-use products, look for ones from recycled materials, or ones that can be composted or repurposed somehow.

4. Consider Fair-Trade or Organic

This is another trend in sustainable office tips that seems to be here to stay. Look for opportunities to support local businesses or ones that sell fair trade or organic products. You’ll be doing the earth, and your neigbours, a favour.

5. Encourage Telecommuting

We all hate being stuck on the highway in a traffic jam to and from work. It’s a waste of time and contributes to local pollution. Offer your staff a flexible working arrangement where they can work from home on certain days of the week.

With today’s networked and wifi printers, even Sally from accounting working from her home office can send documents to the office printer for her co-worker working in-house to pick up in minutes.

6. Office Casual

Minimize heating and AC costs by being more flexible on appropriate office attire. This way people aren’t required to wear hot four-piece suits in the summer and you can turn the AC down slightly.

When it comes to minimizing our impact on the environment, every little bit really does help.

Your clients and customers will notice if you start implementing these green office tips, and if they have similar environmental values, they may be more likely to purchase from your business.

If you’re in the market for a more eco-friendly printer, scanner, or fax machine, let us know and we can recommend a few of our favourites!